Java Developer

Java Developer

Job Description

Job ID: HNMJD798

Role: Java Developer
Locations: Belgium
Required Skills:
Java Development (min8, prefer 11) with level EXPERT
Distributed architecture with level EXPERT
Frameworks: Apache Kafka, Zookeeper with level EXPERT
Exposure to the various OS with level EXPERT
Platforms: Windows, Linux (Redhat) with level EXPERT
Jenkins, GIT, Maven, Jira, with level EXPERT
Docker Kubernetes, Kibana.... with level EXPERT
Unit test, Integration testing, with level EXPERT
Mocking tools,.... with level EXPERT
The scope of work is as follows:
• Participate in the implementation of software components covering design, development, unit
and integration testing activities. The application offers Cloud access to our customers and is widely distributed across multiple data centres, with architecture using micro-services design principles.
Replication happens synchronously.
• Analyse detailed system and application factors: input/output requirements, information flows, hardware/software requirements, kernel settings, performance, security, etc … with a focus on
Docker container and Kubernetes orchestration for operational deployment and monitoring.
• Adopt and enrich as needed the SDK of the platform to enable application-level resiliency, availability
and integrity.
• Contribute to design and technical feasibility and propose systems solutions as needed.
• Provide technical assistance to colleagues and assist in resolving problems reported by team
members or qualification people in order to achieve timely and quality delivery.
• Develop and maintain technical documentation and where appropriate, write system documentation
and operating procedures.
• Fix issues or problems reported by the integration and qualification teams.

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